10 Companies Hiring for HR Roles


Working in human resources–commonly referred to as HR– has a broad range of opportunities. From working in more senior-level positions that oversee company management and business relations, to a smaller position managing employees or hiring and recruiting workers, there are so many different types of jobs that fall under the HR umbrella. If you are considering a path within the field, or are a veteran of the HR industry, the good news is that there are lots of job openings! 

While there are many different areas to specialize in or paths to take in the HR career, why not consider one of these open positions to either get started or upgrade from your current role to higher positions.

1. Lowe’s

Open positions: Area HR Business Partner, Talent Acquisition Partner, HR Coordinator SC Day, Director Associate Relations, Site Development Manager, Administrative Support Associate, Human Resources Coordinator & more.<… Read More

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