11 Recession-Proof Jobs


Are you worried about the next recession? While the U.S. economy is fairly healthy right now and it’s a jobseeker market, no one has a crystal ball, so no one knows exactly when the next recession will hit. But, economists warn an economic downturn will hit at some point, the same way there will be upswings in the economy.

While no job is completely recession-proof, there are industries typically impacted less in an economic downturn. Jobs in healthcare, government, education and accounting can be safer from cuts during a recession.

“Historically, there are industries and occupations that have been less correlated to business cycle fluctuations, like recessions, than others,” said Dr. Andrew Chamberlain, Chief Economist at Glassdoor. “If you are looking to reduce the risk of losing your job during times of a recession, we know that in the past jobs in healthcare, education and utilities have not suffered as many job losses as in other fields during a down c… Read More

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