15 Great Companies That Hire Efficiently & Effectively


One of the worst parts of the job hunt process is the post-interview waiting. After spending hours writing cover letters, prepping for interviews, researching companies and fine-tuning your resume, after the interview, the waiting period feels like it takes the longest.

Some companies take weeks to months to notify candidates if they’ve got the job. Plus, waiting around for an answer is incredibly daunting, especially if you’re trying to move to a new city or just pay your bills. The good news is, there are companies out there that hire quickly–within 15 days to be exact! 

The following cool companies are known to hire within 15 days or less and have a smooth interview process–so you will definitely want to send in your resume if you’re in need of a job ASAP.

Robert Half
Company Rating: 3.2
Interview Experience: 58% positive
Interview Difficulty: 2.2/5
Interview Process: 15 days
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