5 Ways to Combat Gender Discrimination at Work


Chances are, if you’re a female worker, you’ve encountered gender discrimination. It can be overt, such as sexual harassment, getting fired because you’re pregnant, or being paid less than men. It can also be more subtle, such as being passed over for a promotion in favor of a male colleague, not being hired into a historically male occupation or not getting offered career-enhancing assignments because you’re seen as being on the “mommy track.” 

The good news is that new laws protecting women in the workplace continue to reach governors’ desks every year. You are allowed to assert your rights, to fight gender discrimination and any retaliation that results from speaking up. 

1. Harassment: Bad behavior doesn’t belong at work

According to a 2017 study by Gender & Society, the lost productivity of each sexual harassment victim amounts to as much as $22,500 a year. With harassment affecting the bottom l… Read More

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