5 Ways to Keep Your Emails Short and Sweet


Do your emails resemble novellas and come with a table of contents? We all want quicker responses to our emails, but we don’t always set ourselves up for success.

Novel-length emails wind up in inbox purgatory because no one wants to wade through all those convoluted sentences to figure out what you’re asking for. (Nor do they have the time). As a result, lengthy emails have low response rates and slow response times.

The good news? Clear, concise emails have the opposite effect. Keeping your emails short and sweet allows you to better communicate your message and increases the likelihood you’ll receive a timely reply.

Read on to uplevel your email game and learn five simple ways you can keep your emails short and sweet.

1. Impose a Length Limit

If your email length is out of control, try setting a mandatory length limit for all messages. Having your limit in mind before you start writing will help you keep your verbosity in check.

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