7 Ways to Deal with Anxiety on the Job


Let’s face it: A lot of our go-to stress-management tools—think: taking a bubble bath, binge watching our favorite Netflix shows, hitting the gym, or drinking a glass of beer or wine—aren’t exactly office-appropriate or possible. So how can we deal with serious stress on the job? For the answer, we turned to expert who gave the following seven de-stressing ideas.

1. Incorporate “distress breaks” into your workday.

If you can, schedule five minutes for every work hour in which you can take deep breathes, stretch, or even meditate, suggests Gloria Mitchell, personal crisis and performance coach. To breathe deeply, “inhale for five seconds, hold, then exhale for five seconds,” she says—and recommends YouTube for guided stretches and meditation you can do at your desk.

2. View, smell, and touch a potted desk plant. (Or just look out your window.)

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