Companies Offering Generous Paternity Leave & Hiring Now


Fathers rejoice! An increasing number of companies are recognizing the importance of giving paid parental leave to new birth mothers, but also to their partners. Companies are also pioneering policies that give equal opportunities for parental leave to same-sex couples, adoptive parents, and foster parents. Here, we’ve compiled companies from industries ranging from finance to tech who are championing generous paternity leave policies and leading the charge in helping their employees navigate the process of being a parent. And there’s some good news – all of these companies are hiring!


Paternity Leave Policy: Netflix might be called the absolute leader of parental leave policies, offering up to 52 weeks (that’s a whole year!) of paid time off for new parents. Yes, you heard that right, a whole year of paid parental leave. Both birth and adoptive parents of any gender can take advantage of this generous parental leave po… Read More

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