How Can You Make Yourself Sound Better on Your Resume?


Your resume is your primary personal marketing tool in the job search. You very well may have the chops for whatever role you’ve set your sights on, but you can still come up short if your resume is missing the mark on reflecting your skill set. These five tips will provide essential marketing flair while ensuring you never have to exaggerate or bend the truth when it comes to your career.

Convert accomplishment numbers

Decreasing spending by $10,000 in a quarter might sound like a lot of money in your current role, but you may be applying for a role where $10,000 is a fairly insignificant amount. However, updating your resume to reflect that you were able to reduce spending by 20% is a much more digestible statement, regardless of the sample size. Converting all dollar amounts, pageviews, or revenue gains to percentages that reflect growth or year-over-year change will make all of your accomplishments sound much more impressive to hiring managers.

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