How Happy Employees Lead to Happy Customers


Think of the last time you received really great customer service. What made it so special? Maybe the representative was warm and friendly, offered to go out of their way to accommodate you or helped you troubleshoot a particularly tough problem. You might chalk this up to the individual’s chipper and helpful personality, but that’s not the only thing at play. Odds are, they were pretty happy at work!

A new Glassdoor Economic Research report, Happy Employees, Satisfied Customers: The Link Between Glassdoor Reviews & Customer Satisfaction, revealed that companies with happy employees are more likely to have high customer satisfaction scores than their counterparts.

The Employee/Customer Satisfaction Connection

In the study, Chief Economist Dr. Andrew Chamberlain and Senior Economist & Data Scientist Daniel Zhao looked at a panel of 293 large employers across 13 industries between 2008 and 2018, comparing the link between empl… Read More

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