How to Obtain Security Clearance


When it comes to understanding security clearance, the “Who, What, Where, and Why” is not always so obvious. If you’ve recently applied for a position that requires you to obtain a security clearance, there are a few steps you need to prepare for. Here is a guide for everything you need to know about getting a security clearance. 

What exactly is a security clearance, and why is my employer asking for it?

A security clearance is a security background investigation which if passed, grants you access to classified information. It is run by the Diplomatic Security Service (DSS), and it determines your security eligibility. 

Certain department state positions will require you to review classified information as part of your job. A security clearance is the background check which gives you clearance to review such classified information. It is required because if the job you’re applying for requests a security clearance, it means y… Read More

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