IN PURSUIT: Brene Brown, Episode 1 Transcript


Our conversation with Brené Brown is real, open, and reveals what courage, vulnerability and sobriety look like in real life.  Brené talks about living in Beta, the twists and turns and detours of her life, and how she learned more about empathy and people in her “twelve- year journey of bartending and waiting tables and hitchhiking through Europe” than she ever could in classrooms.  

She has championed vulnerability as the crucial ingredient to build successful leadership skills. To be vulnerable is to be brave — you can’t have one without the other and together they make the quality we call leadership.

“If you can’t be brave, you can’t lead,” she says in the interview. “And you can’t be brave if you’re tapping out of hard conversations about painful, hard topics. That’s what it means to lead. That’s why there are so few courageous leaders.”

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