Inside the Gig Economy: ‘Be Tenacious Without Being a Pest’


Nadine Mendoza says she’s been lucky. Maybe, but more likely, Mendoza’s thriving gig career proves one of the first principles of successful gigging – the more people you know, the better your chances of working. It’s all about connections.

“Most of my gigs came through friends and former colleagues,” says Mendoza, who hasn’t had a full-time job in six years. Though she doesn’t wait for a call, “I reach out to people who might have ideas or connections and I scour the Internet.” According to the job search experts, letting everyone know you’re on the hunt for work is essential. You never know where you’re next gig will come from.

With a BA and Masters from USC in journalism and film, Mendoza worked the first few years out of college in film, eventually becoming a story editor. Disillusioned she got a full-time job at the Los Angeles Times, though she continued to freelance, connecting with editors and then keeping in touch.

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