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Before the Robots Can Take Over, They Need to Learn to Swear

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What do you look for an investment? How long should a founder be without salary? And other Q&A

Dear readers,

I recently hosted an AMA on Quora where folks asked a bunch of really fantastic questions. Thanks to Adam D’Angelo and Alecia/Adrienne for getting this set up.

Wanted to share a couple...

Dublin's Grand Biking Vision That Never Came to Fruition

Dublin’s future as a leading cycling city was once bright, but many plans have stalled or fallen by the wayside.... Read More

An International Design Competition Reveals New Plans for Detroit's Cultural Center

Dubbed "Detroit Square," the newly revealed designs for ten blocks around 12 cultural and educational institutions will redesign the public realm for the human scale.... Read More

Fail of The Day: Man Finds Bank Wide Open With No One Inside

Fail of The Day: Man Finds Bank Wide Open With No One Inside


Technology Moves in Squares

comparison Hall of Fame technology time Windows 8 - 5203600128

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The Future is Now, But Jeb Bush Doesn't Know How to Use His iWatch

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Another Mega-Project Coming to Downtown Toronto

Developers are betting on the continued shift of office work from the suburbs to downtown in Toronto, as the city experiences a building boom to support brisk business in the technology and financial-services industries.... Read More

Biden Defends Past Work on Civil Rights After Harris Attack

"I heard, and I listened to, and I respect Sen. Harris," Joe Biden said in an address to the Rev. Jesse Jackson's Rainbow PUSH Coalition.... Read More

When a Heckler Chimes in, the Comedian Destroys Them With Their Own Metaphor

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