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What do you look for an investment? How long should a founder be without salary? And other Q&A

Dear readers,

I recently hosted an AMA on Quora where folks asked a bunch of really fantastic questions. Thanks to Adam D’Angelo and Alecia/Adrienne for getting this set up.

Wanted to share a couple...

It Works Both Ways

school meme image It Works Both Ways

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Do I Let Him Know at Work?


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When You Finally Get The Big Office

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Watch the Poetry of Anthony Bourdain At The Waffle House For the First Time

Listen to Bourdain wax poetic about his pure joy at finally 'discovering' the Waffle House.

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No One Expects to Find Patience at an Apple Store, Which Makes This Mother's Story That Much Sweeter

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Everything Has a Place

work nap image Everything Has a Place

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The 8 Best People to Choose as Job References

So you have a good feeling you’re going to nail your interview. After the interview, the potential employer will likely request references. To prepare, you sit down to compile your list of references and it happens — your mind...

How to Get a Job in the Cannabis Industry

Cannabis is one of the fastest growing—definitely most exciting—industries on earth. While many of us have enjoyed successful careers in entertainment, wellness, and associated fields, the cannabis industry is unlike anything we’ve ever seen, shattering projections at every...

That's How You Do Marketing

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