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How to Succeed at a Career Fair

Think a career fair is a waste of time? Think again. It’s a space packed with people searching to fill open roles and make connections for future opportunities—the perfect place for a soon-to-be college grad to score a...

6 Companies Redefining Parental Leave

It’s no surprise that offering strong parental support to both mothers and fathers can positively impact one’s family life, but also drive business results as an organization. Yet in 2019, paid parental leave is only available to about...

For All You Fanboys Out There

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Better to Drive Fast and Risk Crashing

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This Seems Safe…

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Silicon Valley network effects, OKRs for your personal life, and more: Podcast Q&A with Product Hunt

I recently did a podcast with Ryan Hoover, co-founder of Product Hunt and my sister Ada Chen Rekhi, previously SVP Marketing at Survey Monkey – here’s what we talk about:

The network effects...

3D Printing Affordable Housing at Scale

A new 3D printer, coming soon to the market, promises serious construction cost savings in an era of seriously expensive construction costs.... Read More

So We're Closed For the Season


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5 Ways to Keep Your Emails Short and Sweet

Do your emails resemble novellas and come with a table of contents? We all want quicker responses to our emails, but we don’t always set ourselves up for success.

Novel-length emails wind up in inbox purgatory because no one wants...

When Your Favorite Teams Loses and Your Salt AF About it, But You've Got a Job to Do Too

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