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2018 essay collection on growth metrics, marketplaces, viral growth in the enterprise, and more (PDF included)

Above: One of my favorite moments in 2018, with the a16z team and POTUS44. 


Dear readers,

Wow, so 2018 was a year with a lot of change – I started a new job, recommitted...

Someone took an extended vacation

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build up desk mess extended vacation so much to do - 5778733312

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Oops! Crap.

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I hope there isn't a fine or anything...

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The Best Advice for Women Seeking a Better Salary

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Are you receiving compensation that fully reflects your skills, education, experience and ability? If your earnings and your worth aren’t matching up, there are avenues for addressing the situation without damaging your career....

Here’s Why Prospective Employers Might Not Ever See Your Resume

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Whether you’re unhappy with your current job or are simply exploring your options, you’re probably aware that to land a new role, you’ll need a solid resume to submit as part of the application process. But...

Imposter Syndrome: You are Not a Fraud

Imposter syndrome is real — and many successful entrepreneurs do not realize they have it. As Editor-in-Chief Jason Feiffer recently wrote in Entrepreneur, “Every Entrepreneur Has Imposter Syndrome,” and we need to...