The Best Advice for Women Seeking a Better Salary


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Are you receiving compensation that fully reflects your skills, education, experience and ability? If your earnings and your worth aren’t matching up, there are avenues for addressing the situation without damaging your career. Here’s how to ensure you get the raise you deserve.

Crunching the Numbers

Although the Equal Pay Act was passed more than a half-century ago, women are still struggling to earn as much as men in the workplace. According to Glassdoor research, a U.S. woman is paid an average of 75.9 cents for every dollar a man receives. On top of potentially starting at a lower pay rate, taking time off to start a family, for a career sabbatical, to tend to an aging loved one or for other concerns is a more substantial setback to women than men, with the hiccup resulting in reduced wages for women and a lengthier career gap.

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