Tips for Returning to Work After Cancer


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, an annual campaign to increase awareness of the disease. 

Whether you’ve just been diagnosed, are in the midst of treatment or have recently completed treatment, returning to work can be a daunting experience. As you gear up for work, you might feel like there’s no roadmap to navigate some of your challenges and concerns. Everyday Cancer and Careers, the only national non-profit with a mission to educate and empower people with cancer to thrive in the workplace, supports people as they figure out how to balance work and health demands. While there are many considerations as you think about returning to work, a few key things can make the experience more manageable:

Think about your privacy preferences

Deciding whether to tell your employer and/or co-workers is an intensely personal decision and requires weighing several factors. You have a clear sense of your workplace’s culture and who y… Read More

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