Top Companies Hiring Software Engineers


While relishing the responsibilities associated with your role is fundamental to job fit, it’s equally important to find a professional culture that suits you. As you advance in your career, you’re likely to become increasingly selective about what you’re looking for when it comes to professional cultural fit.

Culture can be hard to glimpse during the interview process, but Glassdoor’s got you covered. Glassdoor supports your cultural reconnaissance and assessment by capturing feedback and data that gives you the inside scoop. Glassdoor’s annual award of the Best Places to Work, for example, showcases and celebrates companies that, according to their employees, are doing culture right.    

If you’re on the hunt for a job as a software engineer, you’re in luck. According to Glassdoor’s Chief Economist Dr. Andrew Chamberlain, Glassdoor lists nearly 100,000 open jobs for 2019’s Best Places to Work, and software enginee… Read More

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