Unhappy at Work? Here’s What You Can & Can’t Control


A little bit of workplace stress is expected, and it’s natural to not feel gloriously happy at work every minute you’re there. But did you know that nearly half of Americans reported crying at work over the past year? Ginger, an on-demand behavioral health service, recently conducted its first annual “Workforce Attitudes Towards Behavioral Health Report.” The report shared learnings on the emotional and mental support of workplaces as described by 1,200 professionals.

In addition to the 48 percent who revealed shedding tears while on the job, 81 percent said that stress negatively impacts their work, and 50 percent admitted to missing at least one day of work due to stress.

It’s clear that today, life in the American workforce isn’t a walk in the park. The question then becomes, “Well, how can I deal with it?” To answer that, it’s also worth questioning what is — and isn’t — in your control. After all, there may be iss… Read More

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