What To Do If Faced With Racism At Work


Many employees live in two worlds. In one, you are told that laws require employers to ensure you don’t face racial harassment, hostility and intimidation from co-workers, clients, managers and supervisors. Most workplaces conduct mandatory training to attempt to clean up everyone’s behavior and publish page after page in handbooks about how to conduct yourself appropriately.

In the other world are the people who seemingly never get the message, who don’t control their comments or behavior and yet are very adept at skirting the consequences.

The right thing to do is to say something, even if the racism isn’t directed at you. Here’s how you should handle racial discrimination at work:

Recognizing racial discrimination

Anyone can be a target of workplace racial discrimination, which, in general, takes two forms: Direct and indirect. 

Direct racial discrimination is overt and clear, suc… Read More

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