You’ve Got an Ethical Issue at Work. Now What?


Ethical questions within workplaces are arising more frequently in the public dialogue — from Facebook engineers requesting transfers following the Cambridge Analytica data scandal, Google employees quitting over a controversial project and even Silicon Valley being equated to the banking industry during the mortgage meltdown.

Meanwhile, hashtags like #TechWontBuildIt are trending on Twitter as employees protest what they view as unethical behavior.

But ethical issues certainly aren’t exclusive to tech. They happen across every industry and field, from banking to nonprofit to healthcare. Most of these don’t make headlines, but can affect our day-to-day experience at work — and our careers. We can’t just switch off our personal values when we step into the office. As Yale professor Daylian Cain explains, “work is often the place where we have the most societal impact; if you can’t bring your ethical values to work, where can y… Read More

You’ve Got an Ethical Issue at Work. Now What? | admin | 4.5